Local History Publications

Vegreville in Review: History of Vegreville & Surrounding Area 1880-1980


by Vegreville & District Historical Society (1980); 1030 pages
(two volume set available for purchase at Vegreville Regional Museum)


Now That’s an Egg! The Story of the Vegreville Pysanka

Now That's an Egg

by Heather Jean Glebe (1991); 81 pages
Vegreville & District Chamber of Commerce;
(available for purchase at Vegreville Regional Museum
and at Vegreville & District Chamber of Commerce)


Pulse to Pen: Remembering When – A Collection of True Stories by Prairie Pioneers

Pulse to Pen Remembering When

by Heather Jean Glebe (1992); 152 pages
Vegreville Family & Community Support Services
(out of print)


Early Days Remembered: Stories, Paintings & Drawings

Early Days Remembered

by Georgina Melnyk-Tomyn (1999); 53 pages
(out of print)


Spotlight On Our Footsteps: Vegreville & Area

Spotlight On Our Footsteps

by Michael H. Tomyn (1999); 211 pages
(out of print)


A Treasury of Historic Snippets: Town & Country

A Treasury of Historic Snippets

by Michael H. Tomyn (1994); 376 pages
(out of print)


History of Greater Vegreville

History of Greater Vegreville

by Dr. Samuel H. Hardin (1968); 250 pages
(out of print)


Peter Svarich: Memoirs 1877-1904

Peter Svarich

Translated by William Kostash; 275 pages
Ukrainian Pioneers’ Association of Alberta
Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography  Edmonton, Alberta


90 Years of Service to the Poor: Sisters of Charity Notre-Dame d’Evron in Canada, 1909-1999

90 Years of Service to the Poor

by Jean Pariseau (2001); 366 pages
Delta Printing Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario
(available in English or French at Vegreville Regional Museum)


Simma Holt: Memoirs of a Loose Cannon

Simma Holt

by Simma Holt (2008); 248 pages
Published by Seraphim Editions


Laura Evans Reid 1883-1951

Laura Evans Reid

by Diana Chown (1983); 72 pages
University Collections, The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta